National Conference on School Sports



The aim of the conference is to allow participants to acquire modern knowledge of physical education and sports in an international context. Also, to improve the cooperation of the SLOVAK SCHOOLSPORT ASSOCIATION with significant organizations in the Slovak Republic and abroad in the field of school sports.
The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic will be provided with the conclusions and recommendations of the conference for the preparation of the concept of sports in Slovakia for the period 2021 - 2030.

Date: 20.4. and 21.4.2020
Venue: Hotel Patria, Strbske Pleso


20.4.2020 – Monday
14.00 - opening of the conference

Main papers:

1. The importance of the Slovak Schoolsport Association in the System of Sports in Slovakia - PaedDr. Marian Majzlik, PhD. – President of the Slovak Schoolsport Association

2. Physical and sport education and its place in an active school - doc. PaedDr. Branislav Antala, PhD. - Vice President of FIEP, FTVŠ UK Bratislava

3. International School Sport Federation - ISF

4. Sports at school - Mgr. Svatava Ságnerová, President of the Association of School Sports Clubs, Czech Republic

5. Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee - the topic will be clarified

6. Prejudices in sports about handicapped children and youth - PhDr. Jan Riapoš, PhD. - President of the Slovak Paralympic Committee

7. The Importance of further education of teachers in physical and sports education - Mgr. Dana Masarykova, PhD.,Faculty of Education TU Trnava

8. Upbringing and education through sports under the conditions of the Banská Bystrica
self-governing region - Mgr. Imrich Kovac, VUC Banska Bystrica

9. Physical performance of 6-8 year old children in socio-economic context - doc. PaedDr. Pavel Ružbarský, PhD., Dean of Faculty of Sports in Prešov, doc. PaedDr. Tomas Peric, Ph.D., FTVS UK Prague

10. Sport s and science in wider context - prof. PaedDr. Ivan Čillík, CSc., FF UMB in Banská Bystrica

11. Modern teacher of physical education - interpreter of social needs - prof. PaedDr. Jaromir Simonek, PhD., PdF Nitra

19.00 - end of the first day of the conference

21.4.2020 – Tuesday

From 9.00 - 10.30 - continuation of the conference

12. International documents supporting school sport and physical and sports education - Doc. Antala, (or PhD student from FTVŠ UK Bratislava)

13. Physical activity in children and youth - Mgr. Mgr. Robert Ochaba, PhD., MPH – Department of the Public Health Service of the Slovak Republic

14. Material and technical equipment of schools for the needs of physical education and sports classes - Mgr. Dušan Noga, Headmaster of the Kalinčiakova Elementary School, based in Bratislava

From 10.30 - 12.30 - Workshop (two rooms)

1. Group - Physical Education and Sport - Manager: doc. PaedDr. Branislav Antala, PhD.
- guided discussion on the topic and preparation of conclusions and recommendations

2. Group - School Sports - Manafer: PaedDr. Bozena Gerhatova, SSA
- guided discussion on the topic and preparation of conclusions and recommendations

From 12.30 - 13.00

Presentation of the conclusions and recommendations
1. Physical education and sport - Manager: doc. PaedDr. Branislav Antala, PhD.
2. School Sports - Manager: PaedDr. Bozena Gerhatova, SSA

13.00 h end of Conference

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